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Personal Injury Case Study:

Attorney Cheryl D. Kelly

Cheryl D. Kelly


Case Info
Category: Personal Injury

Result: $60,000


A female client in her early 20s was dining at a rooftop restaurant with a canopy. A gust of wind picked up the canopy and its metal pole punctured her arm, resulting in a small puncture in her and some bruising on her body. It was clear that our client’s injuries, although minor, were a direct result of the restaurant’s negligence and the improper setup of the canopy. 


The Challenge

The client did not sustain any permanent damage. She suffered no broken bones. The only injuries inflicted by the canopy were a cut on her arm and some bruising on her chest. Thankfully, our client was able to recover from her injuries with a little rest and some time.

The Result

This personal injury case allowed us to secure $60,000 in compensation for our client. We were able to use the medical records from the accident report to prove that although her injuries were minor, she sustained both physical and emotional damages which could have been avoided had the canopy been assembled correctly.


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Disclaimer – This case study has been illustrated to show an example of the claim processes and how it may progress to earning compensation for our client. This case study does not reflect every circumstance and should not be interpreted as a benchmark for your own case

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