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Personal Injury Case Study:

Attorney Cheryl D. Kelly

Cheryl D. Kelly


Case Info
Category: Personal Injury

Result: $100,000


A family of three was riding as safely as possible in their vehicle when they were suddenly struck by another driver. The accident was jarring for all members of the family, but thankfully, there were no major injuries or fatalities involved. 


The Challenge

All 3 members of the family sustained minor headaches as a result of the crash. They did not, however, experience any hard tissue injuries. Regardless, it was determined that it would be in the family’s best interest if all 3 members received chiropractic care.

The Result

This personal injury case allowed us to secure $33,333 in compensation for each of the 3 family members. Thankfully, auto insurance and uninsured motorist insurance helped, as everybody in the car received maximum policy limits under their liability policy and uninsured motorist policy. The plaintiffs received $33,333 each, or a total of $100,000, which was significantly less than their expenses related to the accident.


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Disclaimer – This case study has been illustrated to show an example of the claim processes and how it may progress to earning compensation for our client. This case study does not reflect every circumstance and should not be interpreted as a benchmark for your own case

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