Took the time out her day to talk for 20 minutes on the phone with me. Gave me some good advice and made me feel a whole lot better. When the time comes soon this is the lady I will hire

Cheryl has always been very diligent and thorough at handling any issues of mine that warrants her expertise. I appreciate her attentiveness and honesty as well.

Ms.Kelly, Handle my case like a professional. I am very happy with how she communicates and keeping me well -informed with what’s going on with my case.
Her work ethic and attention to detail is second to none.

She is so amazing. I got my money super fast and she is extremely professional!


Attorney Kelly handled my matter with short notice and was able to get a favorable result! She is very easy to communicate with and makes herself available for all of your needs!

Cheryl was an outstanding attorney in helping me resolve my case. She is professional and personable. Dealing with these type of situations can be stressful but Cheryl eased my nerves and made this a smooth and easy case! I would definitely recommend her to anyone in need of an attorney.

Well prepared and very professional amazed at how in order everything was in such a short time awesome job.

It’s so many great things Cheryl did to make my life and divorce transition so much easier idk where to start. I was stressed out trying to do it by myself for a whole year and finally I said forget it I need a lawyer. I received Cheryl’s info from a friend and the rest was history. Extremely professional, caring, supportive, honest, and most importantly she knew her stuff. It didn’t matter what I needed, when I needed it she was right there every step of the way assuring me that she had my back and all I would have to do was show up. Never too busy to give me or my case the attention needed. She made the entire process a breath of fresh air for me. After my case was completed and I received my divorce decree, she still is always there if I have a question or something is not done that was ordered by the judge. I highly recommend her and if family and protecting your peace is important to you, she’s your girl!


In 2016, I was blindsided with a full custody filing and Cheryl Kelly was my first call. I was living in a different state and she worked diligently and strategically on my behalf from start to finish. I trust her legal skill and insight completely. The professionalism necessary to navigate the court room and take care of her clients is unmatched. In the end, Cheryl made sure we got everything we requested (plus some) and the judge to tossed out a bogus $5,000 back child support claim. I did not want to drag this out for months for the sake of my child and I wanted it settled as quickly as humanly possible. Cheryl made sure we got it done quickly and efficiently — It is a huge relief to know you are going into a courtroom with a lawyer who is smart as a whip and sharp as a sword.

I can honestly say my prayers had been answered…. I was going thru a very STRESSFUL trying battle to get my childs farther to be of any assistance in helping with support of our child. I felt like I was fighting a battle with a magician… With that being said any and every trick you could possibly think of to get out of child support he tried it. I mean this man could write a novel entitled 101 ways to avoid childsupport!! So you can only imagine the fear I felt with having to find an attorney to deal with this situation. After many sleepless nights and ALOT OF PRAYER I was blessed to have the representation of attorney Kelly. During the consultation she was very understanding of my fears and concerns and at the same time she was very knowledgeable and confident in her potential to be able to take on a MAGICIAN!! Attorney Kelly is very quick on her toes. With my case she was always more than prepared to handle and trickery that came our way. I can honestly say after the first consult I felt a major weight come of my shoulders ..as time went on I felt more and more confident I had hired the right attorney. When everything was finalized I KNEW she was the representation i prayed for. I know first hand how scary and stressful it is to have long days and sleepless nights when your worried about the best interests of your child or children!! With that being said if your ready to move forward towards having a peace of mind contact Attorney Kelly..I sincerely mean this from the bottom of my heart she is Absolutely the BEST!!!! Her professional and genuine care for her client can not be matched.

I filed for divorce in June 2016 in GA after being separated over a year hoping things would go smoothly given my spouse and I were living separately, had no kids or property and I’d forfeited virtually all my belongings without a fight. A year later the divorce was at a stand still, my spouse had evaded being served 5 times in an effort to continue getting spousal support required by the military. An amount that was higher than any civilian requirements. I was frustrated and felt stuck, being that I was stationed in Virginia with a divorce being made difficult in my home of record of Georgia. I finally conceded that I may need to at least consult a lawyer, but who? I stumbled upon Ms. Kelly in July 2017 and after a consultation, her down to earth professionalism made me confident to hire her as my attorney. Ms. Kelly stayed in contact, gave me continued updates, made herself available for any questions, allowed me to set up a payment plan given financial constraints and kept me from having to travel from Virginia to Georgia for my court date. She outlined everything I needed to do and made the maze of paperwork and legal jargon seem less overwhelming. After 3 short months of hiring Ms. Kelly I was called on the 23rd of October with the best news I’ve heard in years, my divorce was finalized. I gave away many material things, but what I got back was my peace of mind and no spousal support which will allow me to get back on my feet swiftly. I owe this to Ms. Kelly’s diligence and professionalism and give her my highest recommendation to anyone looking for legal assistance.

She was superwoman. Awarded me visition, affordable child support and most importantly quality time with my children.

Ms Kelly got me custody,visitation,and legal right for my daughter she is the perfect women for the job when I hired her I wasn’t seeing my daughter at all now I see her faithfully. thanks Ms.Kelly

Ms Kelly is the one you want…period..
I’m a demanding client, and she had me covered on all angles, thanks..

The best in the business! Very professional and consistent!


Took the time out her day to talk for 20 minutes on the phone with me. Gave me some good advice and made me feel a whole lot better. When the time comes soon this is the lady I will hire

Cheryl has always been very diligent and thorough at handling any issues of mine that warrant her expertise. I appreciate her attentiveness and honesty as well.

My Ex-wife was not following the original divorce settlement clauses. So I hired CD Kelly to remind her. She settled out of court as per my wishes. She was very respectful of my opinions and instructions of not to get too aggressive with the other party. Would not hesitate to hire her again.