Renowned Georgia Personal Injury Law Firm, C. Kelly Law, LLC., Announces “Service Appreciation Discount” For Personal Injury Clients


Attorney Kelly portrait in grid surrounded by portraits of teachers, first responders, social workers and military personnel

Groups that will enjoy the newly implemented discount policy include active duty military, veterans, teachers, first responders, nurses, and social workers

January 31, 2020. – North Atlanta Personal Injury Law Firm, C. Kelly Law, LLC. and it’s Managing Attorney proudly announce that beginning February 1, 2020, the Firm will be providing discounted contingency fees for the following clients that are injured by the carelessness of someone else: (1) active duty military (2) veterans (3) teachers (4) first responders (5) nurses, and (6) social workers. The team at C. Kelly Law, LLC. appreciates the commitment that these groups demonstrate every day to serving the communities in Georgia and across the globe. The State of Georgia is home to 12 military bases with service members working faithfully to ensure our country’s safety. In each of the remaining categories, C. Kelly Law, LLC. recognized the helpful impact these people make on the everyday lives of Georgians in need, which very frequently goes unappreciated and unnoticed. The team at C. Kelly Law, LLC., understands that unexpected injuries cause financial problems for people, especially in service industries, and the Firm institutes these reductions in contingency fees to lighten the financial burden of those who sacrifice so much for others.

According to founder and owner, Attorney Cheryl D. Kelly, “We appreciate their services and we want to show it. Georgia has a robust history of being the center of the civil rights fight, and we fight for the rights of the injured people in Georgia. We’re in this together”.

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About Attorney Cheryl D. Kelly

Attorney Cheryl D. Kelly is the Owner of C. Kelly Law, LLC. Ms. Kelly’s legal career journey began in 2004, when she began to work as a legal assistant handling complex personal injury claims. Ms. Kelly brings 15 years of experience handling complex litigation matters from every aspect, as a legal assistant, paralegal and as a practicing attorney. She is dedicated to representing each client with legal expertise, compassion, and accuracy.

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