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National Nurses Day 2020

By: Demetriona Bray and Cheryl D. Kelly, Esquire Celebrating and embracing nurses began with Florence Nightingale in the 1800’s. Through her “handwashing and hygiene practices,” she was able to reduce fatalities in the Crimean War from 42% to 2%. President Nixon made a point to create a week annually where nurses are celebrated starting May […]

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What is Comparative Negligence and How Does It Affect Someone Injured In A Georgia Car Accident?


By: Cheryl D. Kelly, Georgia Accident Lawyer Comparative Negligence In order to recover damages after an auto accident in Georgia a person must typically show that another driver was negligent and that the negligence caused the accident. Negligence generally means the failure to exercise the appropriate level of care while doing something (e.g.: driving a […]

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Many people pointing fingers at one man in an expression of guilt